High Desert

October 16-20, 2023
Bend, OR

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Innovation & Collaboration

Join us in our Innovators Sandbox! Come to Bend October 16th-20th for a celebration of entrepreneurship, craft, innovation, and community. From consumer product goods to the outdoor, climate and technology industries, this is an opportunity to see and experience the collaborative energy and resources that make Oregon a hub for entrepreneurship.

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10+ Groups
6+ Events
5 days

Industry Leaders and Diverse Organizations

The week is a coming together of Bend Central Startup, Cultivate Bend, Built Oregon, Bend Outdoor Worx, VertueLab and Bend Venture Conference.


Each day will be filled with startup showcases, networking opportunities, inspiring talks from industry and community leaders, marketplaces highlighting Central Oregon companies, informative educational sessions and bootcamps, pitch events, and investment awards.

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Bend, Oregon, October 2023

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